Board Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2016

A meeting was called to order following our Annual meeting at the O’Donnell Clubhouse (minutes from the actual Annual Meeting are separate). The Meeting was attended by the entire Board, Michael Ziskind, Marla Malaspina, Mary Jo Potts, Michael Curcio, Sheila Cobrin, Howard Hawkes, and Michael Marchi

The main purpose of the meeting was to vote/elect new officers to the VLP Board. The following decisions were made for 2017:

Mary Jo Potts = Chair

Sheila Cobrin = Vice Chair

Michael Curcio = Treasurer

Howard Hawkes = Secretary and Social Committee

 A few things discussed were:

-        The need to have new web site advisors, to be decided at a future meeting

-        More clear communication between Board Members

-        There was a motion to eliminate the Pay Pal option from the VLPNO Website, it was approved and an alternate method of payment will be established

-        Following the meeting on November 21st, 2016 via email, it was approved to have Sheila Cobrin replace Mary Jo Potts as the second signatory to the VLPNO account at Chase Bank. Sheila is a full time/Summer resident and would more likely be present to sign as needed during those months

Meeting was adjourned

Prepared by Howard Hawkes, Secretary