Board Meeting Minutes, February 24, 2016

Meeting called to order by Mike Ziskind at 3:33 pm at the office of H3K.
A motion was made to approve the Board minutes from the January meeting. Minutes approved.
Treasurer’s report:
Mary Jo Potts read the Treasurers report highlighting the proceeds and expenses from the VLPNO Home Tour. MJP made a request that going forward all expenses over $100.00 will need advance approval from the board. All incurred expenses need to be forwarded to the Treasurer. Motion made and passed.
Home Tour
Mike Ziskind thanked the Home Tour committee for their efforts in making the 2016 Home Tour a success. Special thanks to:

  • Sheila Cobrin for coordinating the docents;
  • Mary Jo Potts and Sheila for coordinating the catering for the after party;
  • and Raymond Manci for his generosity for hosting the party at his home.

M. Curcio and M. Ziskind will chair 2017 Home Tour.
Survey Results
Mike Marchi informed the Board of the results from the VLPNO survey. Based on the survey results, the Board decided to work on the following areas with these designated leaders:

  • Short-term rentals/noise enforcement – M. Ziskind, M. Malaspina, M. Marchi
  • Road repairs, schedule of repairs and areas completed – Sheila Cobrin
  • Safety/security, roving security and neighborhood watch – M. Marchi, Jim Malaspina
  • Social activities, block BBQ, cocktail party, etc. – H. Hawkes, MJ. Potts, M. Curcio

Mission Statement
Mike Ziskind developed a VLPNO Mission statement and reviewed it with the Board. A motion was passed to adopt the new mission statement. The Board approved.
The Website was updated with new officers and new term limits. 
M. Ziskind sourced and met with a website vendor to explore the redevelopment of the VLPNO website. The board asked for a meeting with the vendor for a demonstration to highlight the proposed improvements. The meeting will be scheduled for the next Board meeting.
M. Ziskind informed the board that Sheila Cobrin owns “” domain name. He asked Sheila if she would relinquish the domain name to VLPNO. S. Cobrin declined the request. M. Ziskind also notified the board that Robert Moon was the owner of Mr. Moon relinquishes the domain name to VLPNO.
One PS
M. Ziskind and Shelia Cobrin attended the One PS retreat; M. Ziskind updated the Board.
As part of the One PS committee, M. Malaspina will send out notes to the Board from One PS “Protect our Neighborhood”.
M. Malaspina updated the board VLPNO email addresses and the ongoing process to update the address list. 
M. Ziskind updated the board that the financial statements for application of 501(c) were submitted to IRS.
Next Steps
At the next meeting, the Board will discuss and decide how to allocate charitable contributions.
The next two VLPNO Board meetings were scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 3:30 pm at H3K’s office.
  • Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 3:30 pm at H3K’s office

Motion to adjourn 5:15

Mike Curcio, Secretary VLPNO