Board Meeting Minutes, January 26, 2016

  • Mike Ziskind called the meeting to order at 10:15 AM at the offices of H3K (Howard Hawke’s office).
  • Members present: Mike Ziskind, Marla Malaspina, Mike Marchi (via phone), Mary Jo Potts (via phone), Sheila Cobrin, Howard Hawkes and Mike Curcio.
  • Mike Curcio read the minutes of the December 3, 2015 Board meeting. Meeting minutes were approved with two amendments (titles were changed to reflect Mike Ziskind as Chair and Marla Malaspina as Vice-Chair).
  • Mary Jo Potts reviewed the financial statements and expenses.
  • Mike Ziskind and Marla Malaspina discussed the need to update and validate VLPNO email lists and to ascertain new members’ email addresses. Marla shared a flyer she developed to put into the mailboxes of residents of VLP who are not currently VLPNO members.
  • Mary Jo Potts discussed the need to be consistent with the use of the VLPNO logo. Currently two are being used. The Board decided to use the brown, white and yellow logo (the one used on this memo) as the official logo.
  • Howard Hawkes reported on his ideas for some social events to be sponsored by VLPNO. Among his ideas: walking tour of VLP. The Board discussed adding a question to the VLPNO survey to solicit neighborhood suggestions for events. Marla Malaspina will include said question in the survey.
  • Mike Ziskind introduced the topic of non-profit status to be established by the VLPNO. Currently an application for 501c3 is being prepared but is not fully completed. Mike Marchi suggested we look into a Charitable Trust for private non-profit organizations and/or Community Foundations. The Board decided that further exploration is necessary before making a decision.
  • Marla Malaspina reviewed the VLPNO survey with the Board and some additions were added. The survey will be emailed to VLPNO members (with valid emails) via Survey Monkey on or before February 1, 2016.
  • The Board voted and approved a motion to donate $100.00 to One PS Picnic and community Expo to be held on March 19, 2016 at Ruth Hardy Park.
  • Mike Ziskind reported VLPNO insurance automatically renews in March 2016 and that he secured additional insurance for the VLPNO Home Tour.
  • VLPNO Home Tour
    • Home Tour brochure is ordered and paid.
    • The Homeowner and docent luncheon is scheduled for February 13, 2016 at Mike Ziskind’s home.
    • Mary Jo Potts and Sheila Cobrin are organizing and planning the after party for the VLPNO Home Tour to be held in Raymond Manci’s home.
    • Sheila Cobrin will send out “thank you” notes and purchase orchid plants for homeowners participating in the House Tour.             
  • New Members/Welcoming:  The Board discussed the need to welcome new residents of VLP and having them join the VLPNO. Next steps are as follows:
    • Sheila Cobrin and Howard Hawkes will devise method of identifying new residents.
    • Howard Hawkes will work on an informational brochure for all new residents highlighting VLPNO membership and helpful information.
    • Marla Malaspina will document a new member process to contact new residents and obtain key data (phone numbers and email addresses). 
  • Website
    • Mike Ziskind will explore hiring a new web designer to update the VLPNO website. We will also determine which web address to use. The Board discussed who owns which web address and who will be responsible for updating its content.
    • Mike Ziskind and Mike Curcio will work on web-design with outside resources.
  • Communication
    • The Board decided that all VLPNO communication will be sent out by Mike Curcio, Secretary to ensure communication form, voice and proper channel.
    • Upon receipt of communication email from Mike Curcio, Marla Malaspina will forward communication to Next Door social media site.
    • Future communications plans being discussed include newsletters, social media sites, new web site.
  • Marla Malaspina invited all Board members to a breakfast at Sherman’s Deli on February 7, 9:00 AM. This is a monthly ongoing activity for Board members.
  • Next VLPNO Board meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2016, 10:00 AM at H3K offices.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM.

Suggested annual dues contribution of $50 per household helps pay for website, mailings, printing, newsletter, supplies and our VLP neighborhood events.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $50.00