Board Meeting Minutes - November 12, 2020

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting
November 12, 2020  4:00pm
Virtual Call via MSTeams

Meeting Objective: VLPNO Board Updates 

The following board members/attendees were present: Scott Turner, Kevin Comer, Gustav Swanson, Kermit Ferrer, Sally Hightower Lippin, Rebecca May.


  • Review / Approve Minutes from October Board Meeting (10/08/20) - Board
  • Review Action Items from October Board Meeting - KFerrer
  • Treasury / Finance Report - KComer
    • October Report
    • CA Tax Filing
  • Neighborhood - KFerrer
    • Street Condition Update                                                                          
  • One PS / District 3 Update - KComer
  • VLPNO Annual General Membership Meeting Preparation -  Board
    • Date:  November 22nd
    • Agenda
    • Election & Open Positions
    • Presenters & Presentations (Powerpoint)
    • Guest Speakers
    • Membership & Dues
    • RSVP - Quorum
    • Teams Meeting Set-Up & Rehearsal
  • Communication Updates: - GSwanson
    • Email Addresses DB - KComer/RMay
    • Home Addresses DB update:  Excel vs Mailchimp
    • VLPNO website
    • Next Door
    • Facebook                                                                                            
    • Other
  • Other Board Member Updates                                                 
    • Agave Project - KComer

Review/Approve Minutes from October 8th meeting

  • Board reviewed and unanimously approved minutes from the October 8th, 2020 Board Mtg
  • Gustav to coordinate w/ Imagine-IT to publish October 2020 Board meeting minutes on-line

RECAP / NOTES from October Meeting

  • COMPLETE: Kermit to send Gustav both August and September meeting minutes
  • COMPLETE: Gustav to publish minutes from Aug and Sept Board meetings on the VLPNO website
  • OPEN: Kevin, Scott and Kermit to set-up co-signer’s on VLPNO bank accounts
  • COMPLETE: Kevin to obtain quote from Barton to assist with CA State exemption and filing
  • COMPLETE: Kermit to draft Modernism Wk 2021/2022 VLPNO Home Tour update to present @ AGMM
  • COMPLETE: Kermit & Scott to meet with Joel Montalvo, PS City Engineer on Oct. 12th to walk VLP streets showing signs of failure
  • COMPLETE: Kevin to assist WHCHC in scheduling meeting with VLP to present The Agave Project
  • IN PROCESS: Gustav to work with Kevin on updating Quickbooks with Membership (paying/non-paying), Home Addresses and Email Addresses to establish Total VLPNO Membership count
  • IN PROCESS: Kermit to update Block Ambassador proposal to present during the AGMM
  • COMPLETE: Scott to confirm AGMM on Sunday, Nov 22nd at 3:00pm; deliver deposit to O’Donnell Club
  • CANCELLED: Kermit to visit O’Donnell Club to check out WiFi signal strength
  • COMPLETE: Kevin to reach out to Denise Goolsby, City Manager David Ready and Mayor Jeff Kors to invite them to the VLP AGMM and ask if they would speak at our annual meeting
  • COMPLETE: Gustav to invite Ken Lyons to the VLP AGMM and ask if he would speak at our meeting
  • COMPLETE: Kermit to draft AGMM Meeting invite: Location, Time, Agenda, Membership (include Membership dues not required) & Election and send out to the Board to work on editing and mailing/posting
  • COMPLETE: Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a MSTeams meeting invite for November 12th Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • Kevin provided October Financials via email to the Board prior to the meeting
  • October reporting included
    • Account Reconciliation
    • Income Statement
    • Chase Bank Statement
  • Estimate received from Barton CPA of services @ ~$400/filing plus annual filing fees and penalties. Kevin stated that this could consume the VLP’s fund balance
  • Board agreed that we must pull the trigger on filing present and retroactive taxes with the state of California
  • Kevin commented on the lack of historical financial information for the VLP. Kermit said he had some in the file/binders that he’d compiled from the various sources. Gustav proposed setting up ‘Dropbox’ folders to file historical VLPNO records, primarily Financial
  • Board discussed getting a 2nd Kevin mentioned firm that he’s worked with in the past and that he would get a proposal from them. Then the Board could review and decide which firm to proceed with
  • Board reiterated that this must be disclosed to any candidates who come forth for the November VLPNO Board Election at the AGMM
  • Scott Turner, VLPNO Board Chairperson & Kermit Ferrer, VLPNO Board Secretary, and Kevin Comer, Treasurer will meet Friday, Nov. 13th to go to the bank to complete the signature paperwork

MW2021 – VLPNO Home Tour                                                                                                   

  • Kermit to prepare Modernism Week 2020, 2021 and 2022 information slides for the Annual General Membership Meeting and stress the importance to start planning early for the Modernism Week 2022 Home Tour Planning

One-PS – District 3

  • Kevin attended the October 6th, 2020 and provided the following update:
  • Request out to NORGS for $50-$100 donation to support ‘Boys & Girls Club’.  Kevin proposed VLPNO support with $100.  The Board discussed the need to understand the VLPNO’s financial situation before donating additional funds in 2020. Rebecca stepped up and said she would personally contribute the $100.
  • City Budget/Revenue is better than expected. One factor is vacation rentals are double what the city had anticipated. There was also a report on Vacation Rentals & Summary of 2020 Citations
  • Police body cameras will be coming to PSPD in two weeks
  • On-going search for PS City Manager David Ready replacement as he is retiring after two decades of service
  • The Marilyn Statue is coming back to PS. Location: Museum Way (400 ft from the PS Museum)
  • Annual Car Show is moving forward following Covid-19 guidelines
  • Upcoming Events:
    • 12th: One-PS 15th Anniversary Celebration



  • Scott and Kermit met with Joel Montalvo, MPA, PE Asst Director of Engineering City of PS and walked through the neighborhood’s worse streets for Tuesday, October 12th.
  • Mr Montalvo explained that the reason for a completely different look between the streets of concern and the good streets is that they were done 3 years apart (2015 vs 2018). 
  • He consulted with the Project Manager/Assistant Engineer who reported that during paving work in the Vista Las Palms community, paving crews encountered lots of problems with the base under the pavement.  In particular, the excessive amount of rocks in the soil directly underneath the pavement.   
  • With the large cracks appearing in the 5 streets noted below The City plans to add those streets to the next Slurry Seal project.      
  • The anticipated timeline for the Slurry Seal project is a possible bid date of early January 2021 with award and construction possibly beginning in March.  
  • Streets in priority order:

1.      N Fairview

2.      Topaz

3.      Coronet

4.      N Fair Circle

5.      Tuxedo

  • NOTE: Paseo Dero and Via Paraiso cul-de-sac streets are immaculate and that we thought would be a good comparison to the condition our streets should be in.


The WHCHC (West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation) developer held a follow-up call with open to the VLP neighbors to present the Agave project.  They focused solely on this project being a low-income Senior (62 and older) housing project.  This was a different presentation from the prior one held with the Board. The transient/transitional vocabulary was excluded from the presentation.

  • 28 VLP neighbors participated on the October 29th, 2020 call. Feedback from 7 out of 28 VLP neighbors who participated on the call was mixed with no obvious position to object to the project and in favor of the project.
  • NOTE: The Agave project is a new development planned at the corner of Palm Canyon and Stevens.  Alternately described as low-income housing, homeless housing, affordable senior housing, transient housing.


  • Kevin stated that it would be easier for him to work solely on updating Quickbooks with neighbor information to allow VLPNO Board to track Total Membership

Block Ambassador/Captain Initiative

  • Kermit to update proposal and present at the AGMM to request volunteers to help drive membership

VLPNO Annual General Membership Meeting Planning

  • The Annual General Membership Meeting (AGMM) is taking place on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 virtually via Kermit’s company MSTeams from 3:00 – 4:30pm
  • Scott confirmed cancellation of the reservation of the O’Donnell Club for the meeting
  • Kermit reported to date he’d received 22 RSVP’s (26%) to the AGMM (14 Neighbors + 6 Board). AGMM quorum requires is 20% of the Membership. Current Membership = 84
  • Kermit reported that there had been no volunteer candidates for the Board. There are four (4) positions up for election at this 2020 AGMM. Kermit said he was running again for the Board.  Sally reminded us again that she was not running for re-election.
  • Kermit to prepare powerpoint presentation based on the agenda topics for the AGMM to make it easier for participants and guests to follow the conversation and topic.
  • Kermit to send out invite for Board pre-AGMM preparation meeting for Thursday, Nov. 19th
  • The Board discussed guest speakers

    o   Gustav confirmed Office Shawn Carlin would participate representing the PSPD. 

    o   Kevin confirmed Mayor Geoff Kors & City Manager David Ready would participate

    o   Kevin is waiting to hear back from Denise Goolsby, Office of PS Neighborhoods Manager to see if she can participate

    o   Gustav is waiting to hear back from Ken Lyons, PS Historic Preservation Society to give his presentation on Historical Classification

  • Kermit to update AGMM invite with guest speakers so reminder of AGMM can be sent out


  • Gustav to publish minutes from Oct Board meetings on the VLPNO website
  • Kevin, Scott and Kermit to set-up co-signer’s on VLPNO bank accounts
  • Kevin to obtain 2nd quote from personal reference to assist with CA State filing
  • Once 2nd quote is obtained. Board to agree on firm for Kevin to move forward with CA State filing catch-up
  • Gustav to set-up ‘DropBox’ to file/store VLPNO Historical Financial and other files
  • Kermit to draft Modernism Wk 2020/2021/2022 VLPNO Home Tour update to present @ AGMM
  • Rebecca to contribute $100 to the One-PS to support ‘Boys & Girls Club’. Kevin proposed VLPNO support with $100.
  • Kevin to work on updating Quickbooks with Membership (paying/non-paying), Home Addresses and Email Addresses to establish Total VLPNO Membership count
  • Kermit to update Block Ambassador proposal to present during the AGMM
  • Kevin to receive update from Denise Goolsby on her participation in the AGMM
  • Gustav to receive update from Ken Lyons on his participation in the AGMM
  • Kermit to update AGMM Meeting invite with Guest Speakers
  • Kermit to prepare AGMM powerpoint presentation to ease the presentation and flow of information at the AGMM for all those speaking and participating on the virtual meeting
  • Kermit to send out invitation for Board pre-AGMM presentation/preparation meeting for Thursday, November 19th.
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a MSTeams meeting invite for December 10th Board Meeting