Supplemental Board Meeting Minutes - May 5, 2020

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Special Board Meeting
May 5, 2020  4:00pm
Virtual Meeting via Phone/Online

Meeting Objective: Determine Donation Budget and Identification of Organizations

The following board members/attendees were present: Scott Turner, Kevin Comer, Gustav Swanson, Sheila Cobrin, Sally Hightower Lippin,Kermit Ferrer, Rebecca May.


  • Donation Budget – Kevin
  • Solicitation of VLPNO Neighbors for Donations to Food Bank – Kermit
  • Identification of Organizations for Donations – All
    • Some recommendations include: LGBT Center Food Bank; Palm Springs Preservation Foundation; Modcom; VLPNO ‘beautification projects’; others?
  • Allocation of Donation Amounts by Organization – Kevin/All
  • Final Thoughts -- All


  • Kevin stated that there is $20,000 in our funds available for donations
  • Board discussed that given the uncertainty of having a Modernism Tour in 2021, VLPNO should allow for $’s to cover donations, socials and events for 2 years.  It was agreed that we should only allocate $10,000 to donate at this time.
  • Sally had reached out to The Center as proposed by Kermit.  Sally presented the following information:
  • It costs approximately $1,500 a week to operate The Center Food Bank.  The Center informed us that last week they provided food for 210 families.  Prior to COVID-19, they were serving 140-160 families per week.  They food costs are fluctuating weekly as they are not always able to source food from the same place.  They have to meet CA food health and safety standards.
  • The Board agreed that the VLPNO’s 1st donation of 2020 would be to The LGBT Center – Food Bank for $1,500
  • Sally to coordinate check hand-off with The Center and possibility of getting a pic of the donation hand-off with The Center.
  • Kevin to make out check payable to The Center – Food Bank.  Kevin and Sally to coordinate check hand-off.
  • Kermit talked about possibility of asking our neighbors to donate to The Center.  Scott suggested making it a donation that the VLPNO would match up to a certain amount
  • The Board talked about the organizations that the Board had donated to.  Kermit had shared scans/photos of the donations made in 2015 – 2019. 
  • Scott, Kevin, Rebecca and Kermit to work on proposal of remaining $8,500 donation allocation and not for profit organizations.  The team asked that other Board members provide input of preferred organizations.
  • Gustav to draft up an email to the VLPNO membership about our donation to The Center and asking neighbors for matching contributions.