Board Meeting Minutes - April 9, 2020

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting
April 9, 2020  3:00pm
Virtual Call via GoTo Meeting

Meeting Objective: VLPNO Board Updates

The following board members/attendees were present: Scott Turner, Kevin Comer, Gustav Swanson, Kermit Ferrer, Rebecca May (via phone).


  • Introductions
  • Review / Approve Minutes from March Board Meeting (03/13/20) - All
  • Review Action Items from March Board Meeting - KFerrer
  • Board Transition:  MPuig Exit/RMay Introduction - KFerrer/GSwanson
  • Treasury / Finance Report - KComer
    • March Report
    • Annual Budget
    • Donations:  $ Allocation, Organizations & Timing                                 Board
    • COVID-19 Local Organizations/Businesses
    • Treasury Transition / Signees
  • MW2021 ?  - KFerrer
  • Neighborhood  -  Board
    • COVID-19
    • Street Condition Update                                                                           
    • Safety/Security
  • One PS Update - SCobrin/KComer
  • Communication Updates: - GSwanson
    • VLPNO website
    • Next Door
    • Facebook
    • Event Publications:  Alexander Star, MW2020, Other
    • Email addresses - KComer
    • HSPS
    • Other
  • Other Board Member Updates

Thursday, April 9th meeting was held virtually via GoToMeeting due to COVID-19 Shelter at Home Order 

Review/Approve Minutes from March 13th meeting

  • Board reviewed and unanimously approved minutes from the March 2020 meeting
  • Gustav to coordinate w/ Imagine It to publish January, February and March 2020 Board Meeting minutes on-line

RECAP / NOTES from March Meeting

  • OPEN: Gustav to publish minutes from January and February Board meetings
  • COMPLETE: Kevin to complete transition of Treasurer responsibilities, accounts, set-up treasurer report on Quickbooks
  • COMPLETE: Kevin to update VLPNO Annual Budget to include membership dues collection @ x% of households. 
  • COMPLETE: Board to discuss co-signer’s on VLPNO bank accounts
  • OPEN: Kermit to research VLPNO non-profit classification – determine if VLPNO has to file tax report to IRS
  • OPEN: Board to discuss annual donations at next meeting
  • COMPLETE: Jeffrey to send final MW2020 documents and post-mortem to Kermit for filing
  • OPEN: Board to discuss whether to have a home tour in 2021 at next meeting
  • COMPLETE: Kermit to follow-up with VWine Lounge to cancel March Social
  • COMPLETE: Gustav to update March Social invite to announce cancellation
  • COMPLETE: Sally to communication to those who’d RSVP’d to the March Social
  • COMPLETE: Board to consider ideas for One-PS Ecology projects
  • COMPLETE: Gustav to reach out to Rob Moon, owner of the VLP Facebook account to get sign-in information
  • OPEN: Kermit to assist in editing MW2020 VLPNO Home Tour photos
  • COMPLETED: Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for March 13th Board Meeting

Board Transition

  • Rebecca May was officially introduced to the Board as a new Board Member at Large upon Mickey Puig’s (former Treasurer of the Board) departure.
  • Gustav to add Rebecca May profile to the VLPNO website, remove Mickey Puig and update Kevin Comer’s title to Treasurer.    

Treasurer’s Report

  • Kevin set-up the VLPNOr accounting on Quickbooks.
  • March reporting included
    • Income statement for March
    • The income statement YTD
    • The balance sheet for March 4
    • The 2019 income statement
    • The 2020 budget and 6. the bank ledger detail since March 1.  
  • Kevin plans on distributing the monthly balance sheet and bank ledger detail.  
  • Kevin did a 1st pass at the Annual 2020 Budget. It was requested that Kevin look at creating two budgets.  One with a tour in 2021 and one without.  Kevin said he would look into the feasibility of creating this.
  • We still need another two (2) signers: The Board agreed that this will be Scott Turner, VLPNO Board Chairperson & Kermit Ferrer, VLPNO Board Secretary (PS Full time resident).  This will be set-up once regulations permit for the three of us to go to the bank to complete the signature paperwork. 
  • Kevin still working on whether we do or don’t need to file a form 990? Need to identify oure structure / classification as a 501c3 or a 501c4? Kermit to researched past emails and documents and found the following:
    • Letter with regards to 'Preparation of Application for Recognition of Exemption under the applicable section of Internal Revenue Code'. 
    • He subsequently sent a inquiry email to MMGC CPA (Lyle Pierceall) asking about the outcome of this service. Kermit is awaiting response.
  • Donations:
    • This topic was put on-hold until our next Board meeting. We did agree that we wanted to ensure that we were donating to organizations that support our mission and make sure that organizations haven’t taken public positions that are offensive and/or controversial to our community.  The organizations need to be vetted as well. 
    • The Board discussed the need to establish how much $ we would allocate to donations and decide which charities we would support
    • Kermit offered to create a Donation Request form as a way for the Board to track Donation proposals, the Board to review, approve/deny and if approve, complete the donation.

MW2021 – VLPNO Home Tour?                                                                                                    

  • The Board discussed the possibility of having a Modernism Week 2021 VLPNO Home Tour
  • Kermit noted that applications are historically due in mid-June with specific request of Tour, Tour preferred dates and times.
  • Kermit stressed the important to assign or obtain a volunteer to be VLPNO Home Tour Deputy Captain as this was clearly an undaunting task in organization. Recommend VLPNO Home Tour committee follow tour playbook prepared by Jeffrey Saadeh for the successful MW2020 Home Tour.
  • Given COVID-19 it seems that MW2021 schedule might be delayed.
  • Board agreed to post-pone discussion to further meetings until such time that Modernism Week 2021 is confirmed and schedule of required activities is published.


  • Gustav to make the following VLPNO website updates:
    • Publish minutes from January, February and March Board meetings
    • Add Rebecca May as incoming Board Member at Large
    • Remove Mickey Puig as parting Board Member - Treasurer
    • Update Kevin Comer’s title to VLPNO Treasurer
  • Kevin to update VLPNO Annual Budget w/ and w/o Modernism Tour as we might have to cover 2 years of funding of neighborhood events, socials and donations if we don’t have a tour in 2021
  • Kevin, Scott and Kermit to set-up co-signer’s on VLPNO bank accounts
  • Kermit to research VLPNO non-profit classification – determine if VLPNO has to file tax report to IRS
  • Board to discuss annual donations at next meeting
  • Board to discuss whether to have a home tour in 2021 at next meeting
  • Kermit to assist in editing MW2020 VLPNO Home Tour photos

Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for May 14th Board Meeting