Board Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2019

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting
October 10, 2019, 4:00pm
501 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs

The following board members/attendees were present: Scott Turner, Gustav Swanson (via phone) Sheila Cobrin, Mickey Puig (via phone), Kermit Ferrer, Howard Hawkes, Amy Brinkman (via phone).


  • Introductions
  • Assignment of Board Member Roles
  • Review / Approve Minutes from November Board Meeting (11/14/19)
  • Review / Approve Minutes from November Annual General Members Meeting (11/24/19)
  • Review Action Items from November Board and Annual General Members Meeting
  • Review Post AGMM Activities
  • Treasury / Finance Report 
    • November Report
    • Annual Budget
    • GoFundMe:  Alexander STAR
  • MW2020 Update
    • Tour Name: Vista Las Palmas:  The Alexander’s Jewel in the Crown Designed by William Krisel and Charles Du Bois
    • Scheduled for Saturday, February 15th
  • Alexander STAR Dedication Event Preparation
    • Confirm Sheila to speak at the ceremony
    • Draft a 3-4 minute speech
    • NOT REQUIRED:  Choose 2 pictures that illustrate the above connection.
  • Communication Updates:  HSPS


  • Done: Review/Approve Minutes from Nov Board & Annual General Membership Mtgs

November Board Meeting

  • Done: Review Action Items from November 14th  Board Meeting:
  • Done: Purchase "thank you" gift to be given to Glen as appreciation for his efforts regarding the change of ByLaws. 
    • Howard purchased gift basket from On The Mark created and delivered to Glen.
  • Done: Howard committed to printing and posting signs around the neighborhood reminding all of the upcoming Annual Meeting. 
    • Signs printed and posted.
  • Done: Board discussed the need to have a "write-in candidate" form created and available at the meeting.  Also, a two-color ballot form to be created. 
    • Form created and utilized.
  • Done: Kermit had suggested that various roles be designated for the AGMM including check ins, payments of dues, prep for the bylaws proposal (presumably including different colored voting cards) and ballots for the directors election if more than three candidates are nominated. 
    • Kermit purchased color coded cards that Sheila/Jeffrey handed out during AGMM check-in.
    • Sheila and Mickey (Jeffrey Saadeh represented Mickey) manned the Welcome Table and check-in guests
  • Done: Sheila and Mickey agreed to meet prior to the meeting to create a master list of due paying members. 
    • List was created of due paying members who had paid prior to 2019
  • Done: Confirm City is OK with new By-Laws and whether Denise Goolsby will attend AGMM. 
    • Glen received confirmation from Denise Goolsby that the City is OK with the new bylaws, but she won’t be attending the AGMM.
  • Done: Copies of the notice of the AGMM that was sent to the members, the replacement bylaws that have been circulated (both clean and blacklined), the City map (which I have) and the ballots if they are required.
    • Kermit made 10 copies to bring to the meeting of the (1) Notice that was sent to VLP Members, (2) Replacement By-Laws Circulated (Clean), (3) Replacement By-Laws Circulated (Blacklined) and City Map
  • Done: Confirm David Hyams attendance and speak at AGMMis going to attend and speak
    • David Hyams cancelled his attendance of the AGMM but provided Kermit summary of his Alexander Star project that I will present at the AGMM
    • Kermit to speak about Alexander Star @ AGMM
  • Done: Provide payment to 849 for catering.  Mickey and Amy handled and processed payment to 849.
  • Done: Glen to write Chairman’s script to use during the AGMM.
  • Done: Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for December Board Meeting.

November Annual General Membership Meeting

  • Done: Review Action Items from November 24th AGMM Meeting:
  • Open: Send Denise Goolsby a copy of the Bylaws that we adopted with the map attached and as certified by Kermit as Secretary.  Kermit to complete before Dec. 24th (30 days from AGMM)
  • Done: Set the voluntary dues for members by November 30/19 (Article VII Section 2).  Suggested Annual Dues contribution set @ $50.00 and posted as such on the website and corresponding form.
  • Done: Notify Members and Eligible Members of Board meetings at least 7 days prior to those meetings (Article VIII Section 11).  You may also want to let Denise Goolsby know about those meetings.
  • Done: Elect Officers within 30 days of the AGMM (Article IX Section 1).  Only Board members can be Officers.
  • Done: At the same time as Officers are elected designate VLP’s official representative and alternate representative to ONE-PS.  These representatives need not be Board members, but can be any Member of the VLPNO (Article IX Section 10).
  • Done: Comply with the requirements in Article IX Section 11 to report to the Office of Neighborhoods (Denise) and ONE-PS.  These include providing notice of VLP’s official representatives to ONE-PS, copies of the minutes of the AGMM, and a list of the current Directors with the dates of their respective terms in office.


  • The Board welcomed newly elected and incoming Board members: Scott Turner (present), Gustav Swanson (present) and Kevin Comer (absent)
  • Scott spoke of his personal and professional life in the Coachella Valley and specifically his time in the VLP neighborhood.
  • Exiting Board members: Howard Hawkes and Amy Brinkman were present as part of the transition between the incoming and exiting members of the Board. The Board thanked Howard and Amy for their tenure and contributions to the VLP Board.

 Assignment of Board Member Roles

  • Kermit asked if any Board members wanted to fill any of the officer positions.
    • Chairperson
    • Vice-Chairperson
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • Both Gustav and Sheila said they’d like to remain as ‘Member At Large’.
  • Scott stated that he had financial experience and offered to be either Chairperson (previously held by Howard Hawkes) or Treasurer.
  • Representing Mickey Puig, Kermit informed the Board that Mickey would like to remain as Treasurer.
  • Kermit said that he’d be good to remain as Secretary.
  • Sally and Kevin weren’t present.

Assignment of Board Member Roles - continued

  • The Board agreed to temporarily assign officer positions as follows. However, this was to be finalized and approved at the January 2020 Board meeting:
    • Chairperson: Scott Turner
    • Vice-Chairperson: Sally Hightower
    • Treasurer: Mickey Puig
    • Secretary: Kermit Ferrer
    • Members-At-Large: Sheila Cobrin, Gustav Swanson and Kevin Comer

 Assignment of One-PS Representative

  • Sheila noted that she is the VLP representative to One-PS
  • Kermit noted that a back-up was also necessary
  • Scott volunteered to be Sheila’s back-up as VLP representative to One-PS

 Review/Approve Minutes from November 14th Board Meeting and November 24th AGMM:

  • Board reviewed November 14th Board Meeting and November 24th Annual General Membership Meeting minutes. Board unanimously approved.
  • Sally to work with Imagine IT to publish minutes from previous Board Meetings on-line.
  • Still need to post October Board Meeting Minutes too.


  • Board discussed need to improve communication via VLPNO website, Nextdoor and/or Facebook. Topic for future meetings.


  • Kermit proposed next Social event to be scheduled for January at new brewery on N Palm Canyon Drive: Las Palmas Brewing
  • David suggested weekend of Martin Luther King’s Day: Saturday, January 18th  
  • Kermit to follow-up with ‘Las Palmas Brewery’ to ask if they’d allow us to host a VLPNO Social on suggested date.
  • Kermit to prepare communication.


  • Sally to publish minutes from October and November Board Meetings as well as November Annual General Membership on-line with Imagine IT group.
  • Board to finalize officer positions at January meeting.
  • Mickey to update VLPNO Annual Budget to include membership dues collection @ 100% of households.
  • Kermit to send Denise Goolsby a copy of the Bylaws that we adopted with the map attached and as certified by Kermit as Secretary. Kermit to complete before Dec. 24th (30 days from AGMM)
  • Kermit to follow-up with ‘Las Palmas Brewery’ to ask if they’d allow us to host a VLPNO Social on Saturday, January 18th, Kermit to prepare communication.
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for January Board Meeting