Board Meeting Minutes - September 12, 2019

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting
September 12, 2019, 4:00pm
501 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs

The following board members were present: Howard Hawkes, Amy Brinkman (via phone), Gustav Swanson, Sheila Cobrin.


  • Review / Approve Minutes from August Meeting (I’ll send those out shortly)
  • Review Action Items from August Meeting
  • Treasury / Finance Report 
    • Annual Budget
    • GoFundMe:  Alexander STAR
  • MW2020 Update
    • Tour Name: Vista Las Palmas:  The Alexander’s Jewel in the Crown Designed by William Krisel and Charles Du Bois
    • Scheduled for Saturday, February 15th
    • Worksheet submitted successfully to Modernism Week
    • Price for tour set at $80
    • 400 Tickets to be issued initially.  If we sell out, more tickets will be made available
    • House inspections complete and approved by MW2020 (Jade Nelson).  We have a tentative selection of homes (potentially 4 DuBois and 2 Krisel)
    • House of Tomorrow status:  Pursuit to include House of Tomorrow has ceased and home will be dropped from tour. 
    • Review plan and action items and next steps
  • Alexander STAR Dedication Event – Create small group to prepare the following:
    • Decide who will speak at the ceremony
    • Draft a 3-4 minute speech
    • Draft a 150-200 word document on how VLP and the Alexander Family is linked together. As mentioned each neighborhood is entitled to space in the booklet
    • Choose 2 pictures that illustrate the above connection. The family has sent me photos from their collection including one of the House of Tomorrow under construction and one of Robert and Helene having coffee in the living room. Both of these will be included in the booklet so VLP is going to be the most featured neighborhood
  • Communication Updates:  HSPS
  • Social Events: 
    • August:  Post photos
    • October:  Event update and announcement
  • Follow up to Annual VLPNO Meeting:  11/18/18


  • Review Action Items from August 8th Meeting:
  • Open: Mickey to create VLPNO Annual Budget
  • Open: Kermit to provide VLPNO By-Laws versions on hand and 11/18/18 minutes to Glen Cameron to request council.
  • Open: Sally to collect photos from Modernism Week 2019 VLP Home Tour and draft message to put on the website.
  • Open: Sally to post Modernism Week 2019 Books for sale @ $10 each.

Review/Approve Minutes from August 8th meeting:

  • Board reviewed August 8th meeting minutes. Gustav motioned to approve minutes. Howard seconded motion. Board unanimously approved.
  • Sally to work with Imagine IT to publish minutes from previous Board Meetings on-line. This is an on-going task.


  • Mickey absent. No Treasury Report presentation.
  • Alexander STAR Go-Fund Me collection to date approximately $1,400. (per Amy checking her records)
  • Mickey will work on creating an annual budget to assist Board in tracking and forecasting of VLPNO expenses. This would give The Board a tool to manage funds against known and proposed activities.
  • Sheila received several checks for Alexander STAR. Should they be deposited into the VLPNO checking account or the GOFUNDME account?

PS Historic Preservation Office:

  • Gustav prepared short message about Ken Lyon (Palm Springs Historic Preservation Office) presentation to Board. Board is reviewing message before Sally posts it to website.

Modernism Week 2020 – VLPNO Planning:

Howard provided update.

  • The Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway home will not be on the tour. The owner wanted compensation. In addition, communication with the owner proved difficult and cumbersome.
  • Narrowing of home selection – at least six homes have been secured for the tour.
  • Sheila suggested have a “backup” home in case a homeowner is not able to commit.
  • Need to create budget for the event
  • Entitle Event: Vista Las Palmas: Alexanders’ Jewel in the Crown. Design by Krisel and DuBois?
  • Sheila thought the suggested ticket price of $80 might be a little low.
  • Take advantage of the STAR dedication ceremony on Friday, February 13th to promote our VLP home tour on Saturday, February 14th. Sell our VLP home tour tickets at the STAR event.

Alexander Family STAR Dedication Event:

  • Howard suggested Board hold off on creating small group until we had more board members at a meeting. (Only 4 Board members present at current meeting.)  Group to assist in coordination of this event still has to be created.  Subject tabled until next meeting.
  • Still need to identify who will speak at the dedication. Howard recommended Sheila speak at the ceremony.  Sheila demurred.  There was no closure on this topic.  Need to discuss at next Board meeting.
  • Sufficient number of pictures have been identified.  
  • A short speech – 3 to 4 minutes or 150 to 200 word document – needs to be written.

Media – Communication:

  • Objective: Need to update our website more frequently.
  • Pending Website updates:
    • Modernism Week 2019 Books Post
    • Modernism Week 2019 Event Pictures
    • October 2019 Social at Twist

Neighborhood – Social

  • The Twist Poolside: Wednesday, October 16th from 4 – 6pm.
  • The Social is being cohosted by Roly's Chinese Fusion.  They will provide 50 free drinks and samples of some of their food.  The event will be poolside at The Twist.
  • Discussion ensued: Should over 50 people attend VLPNO to pick up cost for number of drinks over 50.
  • Word invitation such that guests don’t know they are getting one free drink. Discussion of way to track number of drinks over 50 count – (Resolution – 2 different colored tickets).

Future Meetings:

  • NOTE: Board Meetings scheduled for 2nd Thursday of month @ 4pm.
  • Kermit to send out calendar Invite to Board along with GoToMeeting invite for anyone who might not be able to attend in person.
  • Parking Lot item to be revisited during a future Board Meeting: Jade mentioned at January 2019 Meeting that the Annual VLPNO Meeting date has proven to be unpopular. The Board discussed identifying (3) alternative dates to send out to the VLPNO members to vote on potential date change for the Annual Meeting.
  • Board discussed different potential venues: Meeting room at facility between Arrive Hotel and Draughtsman Restaurant (Old Pizza Hut), Escena Clubhouse. Sheila felt we should support businesses in our neighborhood: “We ask them for our support.” In turn, we should support them. In addition, convenient to hold Annual Meeting close by. O’Donnell is convenient and a beautiful setting.


  • Sally to publish minutes from Aug 8th, 2019 Board Meeting on-line with Imagine IT group.
  • Mickey to create VLNOP Annual Budget.
  • Gustav to e-mail Glenn Cameron regarding VLNOP By-laws. Provide Glenn with 11/18/18 minutes, By-laws on hand and pertinent information about term limits.
  • Howard to text Mickey about GoFundMe vs VLPNO checking account for STAR checks.
  • Howard to send Glenn Cameron contact information to Gustav
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for October Board Meeting.