Board Meeting Minutes - July 11, 2019

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting
July 11, 2019, 4:00pm
501 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs

The following board members were present: Amy Brinkman (via phone), Gustav Swanson, Sheila Cobrin, Mickey Puig (via phone), Kermit Ferrer.  Attending Guest: Ken Lyon – PS Historic Preservation Office


  • Review / Approve Minutes from June meeting
  • Review Action Items from June meeting
  • Treasury / Finance Report
  • Historic Preservation Office - Ken Lyon, Associate Planner:  Presentation on Updated Palm Springs Citywide Historic Resource Inventory
  • Alexander STAR Dedication Event – Follow-up
    • Contribution
    • VLP Collection
  • MW2020 VLP Home Tour Planning – Next Steps
    • Establish Owner/Sponsor
    • Volunteers:  Call for volunteer’s thru
  • Next VLP Social (July)
  • Communication
    • VLP April Social Recap – Did we publish photos?
    • MW2019 Booklet Sale
  • Follow up to Annual VLPNO Meeting:  11/18/18


Review Action Items from June meeting

  • COMPLETE: Kermit to post Gustav’s minutes from the May 9th meeting into the VLP Meeting template and send to Board members to approve.  VLP Board approved.
    • OPEN: Once approved Sally to publish minutes from May 9th, 2019 Board Meeting on-line working with Imagine IT group
  • COMPLETE: Mickey to pick-up and scan VLPNO By-Laws original in Sheila’s possession
  • OPEN: Sally to compare VLPNO By-Laws on website vs Sheila’s copy to see if they match
  • COMPLETE: Sally to reach out to neighbors to see if they’re interested in leading and/or participating in the MW2020 committee
  • COMPLETE: Sally to collect photos from April Social Post (Mickey, Amy and/or Howard) w/ photos and draft message to put on the website.
  • COMPLETE: Sally to draft up Alexander Family STAR fund collection communication for VLPNO website
  • OPEN: Sally to post MW2019 Books Post for sale @ Current price = $10 each.
  • COMPLETE:  Kermit to contact LaQuinta Brewing Co to inquire about July VLPNO Social
  • COMPLETE:  Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for July meeting
  • COMPLETE:  Gustav to contact confirm invite Ken Lyon, Associate Planner – Historic Preservation Office to next Board Meeting RE:  Letter from Department of Planning Services received by some VLP Home Owners RE:  OPEN HOUSE TO PREVIEW THE UPDATED PALM SPRINGS CITYWIDE HISTORIC RESOURCE INVENTORY

Review/Approve Minutes from June 13th meeting

  • Board reviewed and unanimously approved minutes’ the June 13th, 2019 meeting
  • Sally to publish minutes from June 13th, 2019 Board Meeting on-line working with Imagine IT group


  • Mickey presented Treasurer’s Report
  • Kermit recommended that Mickey create an annual budget to assist board in tracking and forecasting of VLPNO expenses. This would give us a tool to manage funds against known and proposed activities.  Mickey committed to developing this for next meeting.

 PS Historic Preservation Office

  • Guest: Ken Lyon joined us to talk about the Historic Preservation Office’s history, guidelines and objectives
  • Ken Lyon has been working for the City for 15 years in the Department of Planning Services. In 2005, Ken joined to develop a preservation plan for the City of Palm Springs.
  • Feb. 2019: The Preservation Ordinance launched a new program.  Ken created a powerpoint to educate the community on historic sites and the ordinance.
  • Classifications:
    • 4: Built prior to 1978 or those that don’t have a record of when it was built
    • 3: Potentially eligible with something significant that could classify it for Historic Preservation.  The City hired a group of consultants to conduct a windshield recognizance tour to identify potential sites.
    • 2: Historically significant but have lost considerable elements or have been considerable altered (Almost 1)
    • 1: Most historically significant.  These have been designated by the City Council.  (These sites are cache)
  • There also Historic Districts. Most of which are condo associations.  In order to be designated as a Historic District, specific requirements have to be met with contributing and non-contributing site.  VLP doesn’t qualify as a Historic District as more than 50% of the homes have been significantly altered.
  • It is important to contact planning department of HSPB when considering new constructions, alterations and/or demo work of any sites.
  • Ken also talked about benefits such as Application of Mills Act contract, Prop 13, State Alternate Building Code
  • There is also Historic Preservation on Lease Land. This is overseen by the Tribe.
  • More information about the entire historic preservation ordinance can be found on line via the Planning Home page under “zoning code, zoning map, municipal code”;  There you go to Title 8, “Buildings & Construction”, and the preservation ordinance is Section 8.05. 
  • Ken promised to send a copy of his powerpoint so that we could post to our website. Gustav and Kermit to follow-up.

Alexander Family STAR Dedication Event  

  • Recap: STAR to honor Alexander family:  George, Mildred, Robert & Helene
    • Event Coordinator: David Hyams
    • Budget = $20,000
      • Star only: $15,000
      • Other (Ceremony Costs, Booklets): $5,000
      • UPDATE: Funding received to date:  $15,000 for the Star itself.
    • Kermit brought up the email exchanges on timing of payment of our contribution towards the Alexander Family STAR. He noted that he’d tabled the conversation as a agenda topic so that we could discuss in person.  He also reminded all in attendance to be conscious of email addressees as we were copying David Hyams (Alexander STAR event coordinator) on Board matters.
    • Board discussed David’s update on full funding commitment towards STAR
      • Per David H: ‘Since we met a few weeks ago 2 businesses have become donors.As such active fundraising has concluded as I have raised the $15,000 for the Star itself. I am awaiting final commitments from another 5 entities/individuals to fund the remaining $4,000-$5,000 in ceremony costs.’
      • Board agreed that it would be OK to send the check in for our committed contribution.
      • Mickey said he would take care of issuing the check the following week.
      • Kermit committed to communicating the news to David Hyams.
  • VLPNO STAR Collection:
    • Sally sent draft of Alexander Family STAR fund collection communication for VLPNO website. Kermit provided edits. 
    • After talking to Jeff from Imagine IT, Mickey communicated that it would be best to set-up a GoFundMe account to collect contributions. We also decided to give neighbors an option to submit a check to the VLPNO, noting Alexander Star in the memo line and mailing to Sheila’s address. 
    • Sally to post message to the VLPNO site once the GoFundMe page was set-up.
    • The intent here is to restock VLPNO account reserves’ debit from the Alexander Start contribution.

Follow up to Annual VLPNO Meeting:  11/18/18

  • Mickey had obtained, scanned and shared Sheila’s printed version of the VLPNO By-Laws dated Nov 2017. It was confirmed that these were PROPOSED By-Laws
  • An initial review of the printed version is slightly different from the VLPNO By-Laws that are posted on the website are also from Nov 2017
  • Kermit stated that he’d heard from Glen
  • Kermit to share (1) both versions of the VLPNO By-Laws and (2) Minutes from VLPNO Annual meeting held on Nov. 18th with Glenn Cameron to provide legal counsel:
    • Advise on what would constitute the ‘official’ VLPNO By-Laws
    • Review of events occurred during the Annual VLP meeting (See minutes from VLPNO Annual meeting held on Nov. 18th) against VLPNO by-laws and advise VLPNO Board.
    • Ask if the VLPNO By-Laws require voting members to be present at the annual meeting to vote for the Board members or if this can be done by mail so that vote can take place prior to the meeting and the new Board is announced at the annual meeting
  • Kermit to present offer to Glenn Cameron to become 2nd member of the VLPNO Advisory Board and become legal advisor/counsel  
    • During MW VLP Home Tour Kermit talked to Glen about the open item notes above and the possibility of him joining VLPNO’s Advisory Board. Glen was willing.
    • Glen has reached back to Kermit to offer his assistance

Modernism Week 2020 – VLPNO Planning

  • Kermit reaffirmed that VLPNO had received confirmation from MW2020 committee that our application to host a tour was accepted and they’d given us 1st choice date: Sat. Feb. 15. Confirmation received from MW2020 on June 25th, 2019
  • Kermit subsequently sent message on critical next steps:  
    • Creation VLPNO Home Tour Committee
    • Selection of Homes for the Tour (Min. 3 w/ at least 1 back-up).  Obviously, we need to establish the 'theme' of our tour. MW2020 requires we arrange tour of homes by Modernism Week curator.  Curator assigned to VLP:  Jade Nelson.
  • Kermit reminded that we should take advantage of the STAR dedication:  Theme, Schedule, Selling Tickets at the STAR event which is being held on Friday, Feb. 14
  • Board discussed the need to finalize theme and identify MW2010 Lead and Team members.  Although not present, Sally had received confirmation from interested neighbors.
  • Committee members to date:
    • Sally Hightower
    • Patsy Marino
    • Allison Sapunor
    • Jeffrey Saadeh
    • Kermit Ferrer

Media – Communication

  • Objective: Need to update our website more frequently
  • Kermit to remind Sally to push communication
  • Kermit to ask Sally to clean-up the gallery. Most of the recent photos are from 2016
  • Website updates:
    • April Social Post w/ photos. Several members stated they had photos that they would send to Sally.  Sally to gather images and draft message
    • August Social
    • MW2019 Books Post: Collect remaining books that Robin has and market the books on our website.  Current price = $10 each.  Mickey suggested lowering price to $5.00 each.  Need to agree on pricing before posting to website.
    • MW2019 Event Post w/ photos
    • Future August Social

 Neighborhood - Social

  • Kermit reached out La Quinta Brewing Co – Palm Springs Tap Room 301 N Palm Canyon Dr. to host VLPNO Summer Social.
    • They would be glad to have us but couldn’t close the space simply for us. It is 1st come, 1st serve.  Given the schedule of our event, we feel confident that we can be accommodated.
    • Amy asked if they served anything else other than beer. Kermit confirmed that they do serve wine.
    • Kermit confirmed that they don’t have a kitchen so they allow us to bring outside food: Chips & Dips
  • Next Social previously suggested for (1) Saturday, July 20th or (2) Saturday, July 27th 
  • Board concluded that it would be better to schedule for Saturday, August 10th
  • Preferred time: 4 – 6pm
  • Use this event to drive neighbor updates and membership
  • Amy to draft event message to post. She will request RSVP so we can estimate headcount

Future Meetings

  • NOTE: Board meetings scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of month @ 4:00pm
  • July Meeting: Thursday, August 8th @ 4:00pm.
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for anyone who might be able to attend in person. Kermit to include Ken Lyon on invite.
  • Parking Lot Item to be revisited during a future Board meeting: Jade mentioned at January 2019 meeting that the Annual VLPNO Meeting date has proven to be unpopular. The Board discussed identifying three (3) alternative dates to send out to the VLPNO neighborhood members to vote on potential date change for the Annual Meeting
    • Amy confirmed that she has reserved the O’Donnell club for our next Annual VLPNO meeting. Pricing will be same as 2018. (2018 costs were higher than prior years.)
    • Board discussed if we should consider another venue given pricing, time to coordinate and possibly even rescheduling to another date.  To be discussed at next meeting in August


  • Sally to publish minutes from May 9th and June 13th, 2019 Board Meeting on-line working with Imagine IT group
  • Mickey to create VLPNO Annual Budget
  • Kermit/Gustav to confirm receipt of Ken Lyon’s, Associate Planner – Historic Preservation Office:  Good Things to Know about Historic Properties in Palm Springs powerpoint to share with our neighbors via VLPNO website
  • Kermit to communicate with David Hyam on release of donation check and next steps for the Alexander Family STAR
  • Mickey to create GoFundMe account for collection towards the Alexander STAR
  • Sally to post collection activity (incl. GoFundMe) for the Alexander STAR
  • Kermit to provide VLPNO By-Laws versions at hand and 11/18/18 minutes to Glen Cameron to request council
  • Kermit/ Sally to work on establishment and kick-off of MW2020 VLP Home Tour committee
  • Sally to post message and photos from April Social Post on our website.
  • Sally to collect photos from MW2019 VLP Home Tour event and draft message to put on the website
  • Sally to post MW2019 Books Post for sale @ Current price = $10 each.
  • Amy to prepare LaQuinta Brewing Co August VLPNO Summer Social communique and post to website
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for August meeting