Board Meeting Minutes - June 13, 2019

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Board Meeting
June 13, 2019, 4:00pm
501 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs

The following board members were present:  Gustav Swanson, Sheila Cobrin, Sally Hightower Lippin, Mickey Puig, Kermit Ferrer.  Attending Guest: David Hyam - Alexander Star


  • Review / Approve Minutes from May meeting
  • Review Action Items from May meeting
  • Treasury / Finance Report
  • Alexander STAR Dedication Event – Guest:  David Hyam
  • Follow up to Annual VLPNO Meeting:  11/18/18
  • MW2020 VLP Home Tour - GO
    • Establish Owner/Sponsor
  • Next VLP Social (July)
    • VLP April Social Recap – Did we publish photos?

For next meeting – Scheduled for July 11th Meeting

  • Historic District - Guest:  Ken Lyon, Associate Planner - Historic Preservation Office


Alexander Family STAR Dedication Event

  • Guest: David Hyam came in to talk about the intent and activities for the Alexander Family Star Dedication Event
  • STAR to honor Alexander family: George, Mildred, Robert & Helene
  • Budget = $20,000
    • Star only: $15,000
    • Other (Ceremony Costs, Booklets): $5,000
    • Funding received to date: $12,000
  • STAR Funding:
    • Deposit has already been made to PS Chamber of Commerce
    • Balance must be paid to PS Chamber of Commerce
    • The Alexander Family STAR team has two years to gather the funding and complete the project
    • David has reached out to most Alexander Neighborhoods;
      • On-Board / Committed
        • Little Beverly Hills
        • Racquet Club Estates
        • Vista Las Palmas
      • Invited
        • SunMor Estates
        • Twin Palm Estates
        • Sunrise Estate
        • PS Modern Committee
        • Alexander Family: Jill & Guy
  • STAR Location:
    • Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, 300 S. Palm Canyon Drive
    • Just above the Arthur Elrod STAR
  • STAR Dedication / Reception Date:
    • Modernism Week 2020: Friday, Feb. 14th, 2020
  • Event Schedule:
    • Duration; ~1 hour
    • Speakers: People who have a connection to the Alexanders, Ruta Lee
    • David inquired whether VLP wanted to speak
  • No Maintenance costs are required for the STAR post-installation

Follow-up VLPNO Board discussion after David’s presentation:

  • The Board discussed current status of funding of STAR dedication and the fact that David had 2 years to collect funds and schedule the event
  • Board agreed to delay donation payment until closer to the event
  • Kermit brought up the idea to put some detail communication on our website requesting sponsorship from the neighbors. This would help garner the funds and restock VLPNO account reserves.
    • Board requested Sally prepare a draft of this message and fund collection to post on the website
  • Kermit also brought up that this would be a good opportunity to latch on VLP MW2020 Event: Theme, Schedule, Selling Tickets at the STAR dedication

Review/Approve Minutes from May 9th meeting

  • Board reviewed and unanimously approved minutes’ email prepared by Gustav from the May 9th, 2019 meeting
  • Kermit to transpose Gustav’s email minutes from the May 9th meeting into the VLP Meeting template and send to Board members to approve.
  • Once approved Sally to publish minutes from May 9th, 2019 Board Meeting on-line working with Imagine It group
  • As a follow-up to the May meeting and given today’s telecommuting environment, the Board approved Board Meeting participation via phone/conference call dial in would count as attending the meeting and counted towards quorum was "understood" that members had to be physically present.


  • Mickey presented Treasurer’s Report

Follow up to Annual VLPNO Meeting:  11/18/18

  • Sheila confirmed that she had printed version of the VLPNO By-Laws dated Nov 2017
  • Sally stated that Jeff S @ ImagineIT believes that VLPNO By-Laws that are posted on the website are also from Nov 2017
  • Mickey to obtain printed copy of VLPNO By-Laws from Sheila and scan the file
  • Sally is to compare Sheila’s printed version to confirm if they match
  • At the July VLPNO meeting, Board to review and assert VLPNO By-Laws
  • Post approval, Kermit to share (1) current VLPNO By-Laws and (2) Minutes from VLPNO Annual meeting held on Nov. 18th with Glenn Cameron to provide legal counsel in the review of events occurred during the Annual VLP meeting (See minutes from VLPNO Annual meeting held on Nov. 18th) against VLPNO by-laws and advise VLPNO Board. 
  • Kermit to present offer to Glenn Cameron to become 2nd member of the VLPNO Advisory Board and become legal advisor/counsel  
  • During MW VLP Home Tour Kermit talked to Glen about the open item notes above and the possibility of him joining VLPNO’s Advisory Board. Glen was willing.
  • Glen has reached back to Kermit to offer his assistance

 Modernism Week 2020 – VLPNO Planning

  • Kermit confirmed VLPNO Board’s confirmation of our intent to participate in Modernism Week February 2020.  Dates requested as follows:
    1. Feb. 15
    2. Feb. 22
    3. Feb. 21
  • Discussed the need to finalize theme and identify MW2020 Lead and Team members. Sally said that she knew of a few interested neighbors.  She would reach out to them and report back to the Board by next meeting.

 Media – Communication

  • Discussed the need to update our website more frequently
  • Put up ‘What’s Happening’ notices
  • Need to drive membership and dues to build up VLPNO funds
  • Need to have mechanism for continued update of neighbor information and database
  • Website updates:
    • April Social Post w/ photos. Several members stated they had photos that they would send to Sally.  Sally to gather images and draft message
    • MW2019 Books Post: Collect remaining books that Robin has and market the books on our website.  Current price = $10 each.  Mickey suggested lowering price to $5.00 each.  Need to agree on pricing before posting to website.

Neighborhood - Social

  • Board discussed consideration to have a VLP No Host Social in July
  • Kermit suggested hosting the event at La Quinta Brewing Co – Palm Springs Tap Room 301 N Palm Canyon Dr. He will be reaching out to them
    • Kermit mentioned that they don’t have a kitchen so they might allow us to bring outside food: Chips & Dips
  • Preferred dates: (1)  Saturday, July 20th  or (2) Saturday, July 27th 
  • Preferred time: 5 – 7pm
  • Use this event to drive neighbor updates and membership
  • Kermit to reach out to La Quinta Brewing Co to make inquiry and organize

Future Meetings

  • NOTE: Board meetings scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of month @ 4:00pm
  • July Meeting: Thursday, July 11th @ 4:00pm.
  • Gustav had invited Ken Lyon, Associate Planner – PS Historic Preservation Office to June meeting. Ken wasn’t available but said he would participate in July VLPNO Board meeting.  Gustav to follow-up with reminder invite.
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for anyone who might be able to attend in person. Kermit to include Ken Lyon on invite.
  • Parking Lot Item to be revisited during a future Board meeting: Jade mentioned at January 2019 meeting that the Annual VLPNO Meeting date has proven to be unpopular. The Board discussed identifying three (3) alternative dates to send out to the VLPNO neighborhood members to vote on potential date change for the Annual Meeting


  • Kermit to post Gustavs minutes from the May 9th meeting into the VLP Meeting template and send to Board members to approve.
    • Once approved Sally to publish minutes from May 9th, 2019 Board Meeting on-line working with Imagine IT group
  • Mickey to pick-up and scan VLPNO By-Laws original in Sheila’s possession
  • Sally to compare VLPNO By-Laws on website vs Sheila’s copy to see if they match
  • Sally to reach out to neighbors to see if they’re interested in leading and/or participating in the MW2020 committee
  • Sally to collect photos from April Social Post (Mickey, Amy and/or Howard) w/ photos and draft message to put on the website.
  • Sally to post MW2019 Books Post for sale @ Current price = $10 each.
  • Kermit to contact LaQuinta Brewing Co to inquire about July VLPNO Social
  • Kermit to send out Calendar Invite to the Board along with a GoToMeeting invite for July meeting
  • Gustav to contact invite Ken Lyon, Associate Planner – Historic Preservation Office to next Board Meeting RE:  Letter from Department of Planning Services received by some VLP Home Owners RE:  OPEN HOUSE TO PREVIEW THE UPDATED PALM SPRINGS CITYWIDE HISTORIC RESOURCE INVENTORY