Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization Annual Meeting Minutes November 18, 2018

Annual Meeting
Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization
Sunday, November 18, 3-5pm
Location: O’Donnell Golf Course

2:45pm - 3:25pm Arrivals/Check-in/Cash Bar
3:25pm Jade Nelson, President VLPNO, called the General All-Member Meeting to order.

Jade Nelson gave a general welcome and the President’s Report with a re-cap of the highlights of the work & accomplishments during the 2018 Year —-
• Coordination with the City of Palm Springs to revise the VLP street sweeping days to work with garbage pick-up days.
• Purchased additional VLP neighborhood “Blade Signs” and coordinated installation at various locations throughout the neighborhood, including the area bounded by Stevens & Vista Chino and Monte Vista & Palm Canyon.
• Organized a strong team to produce Modernism Week 2019 VLP Home Tour

Robin Abrahams, interim Treasurer, gave a Treasurer’s Report:
VLPNO bank account currently at $10,208. This balance will be adjusted once the costs for the Annual Meeting/Party and the new 2019 VLP membership dues are accounted for. Robin stressed the importance of bringing new money in to be able to hold events such as parties and socials where neighbors can meet & mingle.

Robin Abrahams was introduced as the Co-Chair of the organizing team for the VLPNO 2019 Modernism Week Home Tour that will take place on Sunday, February 24, 2019. Robin stressed that the income from this effort can be used for strengthening the finances of VLPNO and possibly for donations or work with other non-profits that reinforce the mission of the neighborhood —- including groups that might inform our neighborhood about our historical and/or architectural roots.
Robin made a request for volunteers for both the planning and the day-of efforts. She asked members to see her, if interested in volunteering for the Modernism Week Home Tour effort.

Jade Nelson introduced the Election process. Noted: Jade Nelson, Penny Hirschman, Jim Malaspina, and Mike Ziskind are all moving off the Board. Jade thanked the other outgoing members for their service. There was an email and internet announcement for member interest in serving on the 2019 VLPNO Board along with the remaining Board Members who will continue on next year: Howard Hawkes, Amy Brinkman and Robin Abrahams.

One ballot was issued to each household. The ballot was printed with all general membership who expressed interest in running for the VLPNO: Kermit Ferrer, Sally Hightower Lippin, Mickey Puig and Gustav Swanson. Jade Nelson made an announcement/request for anyone else who is interested in running for the upcoming Board; he asked for both self-nominations and nominations of others.

A general discussion ensued about term-limits that had been voted on and passed during the last year’s 2017 VLPNO General Meeting. Jade read the excerpt from the 2017 VLPNO General Meeting Minutes to confirm what was decided. More discussion ensued. And multiple members of the general membership recommended that the organization do away with the term limits. At this point the VLPNO documents were referred to and the by-laws were referenced. It was determined that to make a change to the regulations that implemented the term limits, VLPNO would have to first make a motion for this change, and then schedule and announce a special meeting at least 35 days out, wherein there could be a vote of the general membership to, only then, potentially change the by-laws.

Mayor Robert Moon, a VLPNO general member, made a motion to consider a temporary suspension of the by-laws because of an “emergency” or “extreme circumstances”. A general member asked what the “emergency” was, but there was no definitive clarification. Note: There were 4 openings on the 2019 Board and 4 qualified candidates running for office.

Discussion continued with a clarification of the number of Board members who would term off next year, so as to have “staggered” terms with both seasoned and new Board members. There was a motion and a 2nd to vote for staggered terms in the future. Jade Nelson called for a vote; Robin Abrahams assisted in the counting, as follows:
29 Yes, for staggered terms
0 No
Staggered terms was approved.

Hank Plante made a motion to eliminate term limits. This motion was seconded. Jade Nelson called for a vote; Robin Abrahams assisted in the counting, as follows:
28 Yes, eliminate term limits
9 No, keep existing term limits in place
It was determined that term limits are now eliminated.

Jade Nelson then asked again for additional nominations for the upcoming 2019 Board.
Sheila Cobrin was nominated as a candidate for the 2019 VLPNO Board.

Jade invited each of the 5 candidates up to the podium to give a brief introduction of themselves: Sheila Cobrin, Kermit Ferrer, Sally Hightower Lippin, Mickey Puig and Gustav Swanson. Jade then asked for the ballots, and he invited all to enjoy a supper buffet.

Ballots were counted by Toby (Watson) Taylor while members were eating & mingling.

Around 5pm Jade Nelson called the meeting back to order to announce the new 2019 VLPNO Board: current members Howard Hawkes, Amy Brinkman and Robin Abrahams, will be joined by —- new members Kermit Ferrer, Sally Hightower Lippin, Mickey Puig and Sheila Cobrin.

The meeting was called to a close. And Happy-60th-Birthday-Vista-Las-Palmas cake was served…….