Kermit Ferrer - Secretary

In 2011, Kermit drove into Palm Springs for the first time and immediately knew this was where he and his partner were meant to be.  Vista Las Palmas was their dream neighborhood and in 2012, they were lucky enough to find a home there with amazing views.  Over the course of the following season, they worked with Howard and Kevin of H3K to renovate their own mid-century paradise.  For 6 years they frequently flew in from New York City.  In 2018, Kermit and his partner were lucky enough to move to Palm Springs as full-timers.

Kermit was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Guatemala and spent 30 years enjoying life and building a great career at Macys in New York City.  Kermit is a Logistics Professional with a history of optimizing the supply chain for the retail industry.   

Kermit is excited to join the VLPNO Board to carry on the legacy of the neighborhood while creating a sense where we can all have fun in the most neighborly way.