Gustav Swanson - Vice Chairperson

Gustav has lived in Boston, San Francisco and presently resides in San Diego. He started visiting Palm Springs in the early 90's and was drawn to the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood for its’ avante garde architecture. In 2000, he bought his Vista Las Palmas property as a vacation home.

While living in San Francisco, Gustav served on the board of his Park Hill Condominium, formerly St. Joseph's Hospital, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is perhaps best known for its cameo in Hitchcock's Vertigo (The sanatorium Scottie (James Stewart) was admitted after his nervous breakdown). Gustav shared his neighbors' passion for the site's preservation.

Recently Gustav has been serving on the Board of his San Diego neighborhood MAD (Maintenance Assessment District). His historic mid-city neighborhood has undertaken capital projects including the restoration of its historic street lights and wrought iron gates, as well a bike path and landscaped median strips.

Gustav's professional career in Finance has spanned the banking, software and education industries. He looks forward to bringing his Board experience and professional expertise to the betterment of our truly special neighborhood and in helping achieve our community objectives.