Welcome to our new VLP website

Bear with us during our transition. Last winter, our board voted to upgrade our website www.vistalaspalmas.org which hadn’t been modified since its inception.

With support from Imagine It! Media of Palm Springs, we created a user-friendly site that permits us to make changes/additions/deletions without the need to pay a web designer. The site has a place for resources you may need, such as phone numbers for code enforcement, vacation rental hotline, trash removal, etc.

The new site includes automatic invoicing for membership and annual renewals, utilizing PayPal. You can still join the old-fashioned way, by check, as well.

Prior to the new site, newsletters took considerable time to mail out. Because of spam filters on so many computers, we had to click, click, click each email address manually. And even then we had problems with rejections and returns. Our new web site will quickly do our mailings for us.


We’re a neighborhood that cares.  Since we started our VLP home tours, we have donated over $100,000 to local charities.  This year we gave over $16,000.  The charities were selected with consideration of:  mission, need, number of clients served, and low or no overhead.

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Missing pets notifications or other emergencies?

The new web site will enable us to send out immediate notifications in the event of a neighborhood emergency.  We have decreased the amount of notifications we send to you, at the request of many who felt they were being spammed in the past.  Others have asked that we increase the frequency of communications. 

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