Missing pets notifications or other emergencies?

The new web site will enable us to send out immediate notifications in the event of a neighborhood emergency.  We have decreased the amount of notifications we send to you, at the request of many who felt they were being spammed in the past.  Others have asked that we increase the frequency of communications. 

While we don’t think it’s newsworthy every time someone sees a coyote, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re pet has gone missing or if there is a neighborhood emergency you believe should be shared.  For other non-urgent things such as recommendations for a plumber, etc., consider using Next Door.com for the Vista Las Palmas list.   If you’re not a member of NextDoor.com for Vista Las Palmas, drop us a note, and we will “invite” you to the group. Our new Important City Contacts will help you with issues related to trash removal, dead trees, code violations and vacation rental problems.