Kevin Comer - Treasurer

Mr. Comer’s love affair with Palm Springs began as many do, with a visit more than three decades ago with his husband, Rick Distel.  During that visit they fell in love with the city, its people, its history and its architecture, and decided if their future ever evolved to permit having a home here they would jump at that chance.  In 2011 just that happened when they found the perfect Alexander, with one original owner, and purchased it without hesitation.  
Civic engagement has long been a part of Mr. Comer’s daily life.  He has served and chaired the Board of Assessment Appeals in the State of Connecticut, his city’s Democratic Town Committee, the Civic Relations Committee for the German Village Society (the largest historic district in the country on the National Register and located in Columbus, OH), and is the founder of We the People, a nonprofit focused on the study of issues of importance to voters. 
Since closing Beck Street Capital, the private equity firm he founded, Mr. Comer has focused his activities primarily on the exploration of better, and yet commercially viable, solutions for the problems facing the most critical - and most elemental - aspects of daily life: namely food and shelter.  
Mr. Comer lives in Palm Springs, CA and Washington, CT with Rick Distel, his husband and partner of over 30 years, and their two rescue pups: Cooper and Dodger. 

Scott Turner - Chairperson

Born and raised in Michigan, Scott completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!) and moved to Los Angeles with his partner, David White in 1995.  After 9 years in international finance with Mattel, he completed his MBA and went on to serve 10 years in career advisory roles with the University of Southern California. 

In 2015, Scott founded his own executive coaching business ( to help clients worldwide find what they love to do.  Scott’s desire for helping others extends to his volunteer work as well, where he devotes countless hours to nonprofit organizations focused on providing career services to ethnically diverse populations.

Scott is passionate about health and fitness; he enjoys road cycling; being outdoors.  When he’s not in the gym, cycling around our beautiful city, or coaching others, he enjoys travel, food and wine, meeting new people, and spending time with his partner, David, and their two West Highland Terriers – Henry and Madie.

Scott and David have been visiting VLP for over 10 years and fell in love with the homes and neighborhood…in 2018 they purchased a home of their own on Rose Avenue. Scott is excited to join the VLPNO Board and looks forward to working with his neighbors to help improve our quality of life and community. 

Kermit Ferrer - Secretary

In 2011, Kermit drove into Palm Springs for the first time and immediately knew this was where he and his partner were meant to be.  Vista Las Palmas was their dream neighborhood and in 2012, they were lucky enough to find a home there with amazing views.  Over the course of the following season, they worked with Howard and Kevin of H3K to renovate their own mid-century paradise.  For 6 years they frequently flew in from New York City.  In 2018, Kermit and his partner were lucky enough to move to Palm Springs as full-timers.

Kermit was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Guatemala and spent 30 years enjoying life and building a great career at Macys in New York City.  Kermit is a Logistics Professional with a history of optimizing the supply chain for the retail industry.   

Kermit is excited to join the VLPNO Board to carry on the legacy of the neighborhood while creating a sense where we can all have fun in the most neighborly way.

Sally Hightower Lippin

Sally and her husband rented in Vista Las Palmas for a long weekend in 2013. They fell in love with the relaxing feel of the desert. Soon thereafter, they purchased a home in Vista Las Palmas.  They also own a residence in Los Angeles, spending time in both cities. Sally loves the small town feel of our neighborhood, and her friendly neighbors (two legged and four legged).

Sally began her professional career as an actor and precision driver in Television and commercials.  She loved acting, the variety and challenges it offered while enabling her to cherish her time as a Mom to her three daughters. Later on, Sally had an Antique business.

Sally enjoyed volunteering at her girl's schools, the Irene Dunn Guild and Las Fortunas Charity. Currently, she and her husband are active in the Tower Cancer Research Foundation in Beverly Hills, The Alzheimer's Association and The Zimmer Children's Museum.

Besides her family and their dog, Sally enjoys gardening, decorating, traveling, hiking, classic cars, and now, the VLP Board. She’s delighted to be a new member of this Board. Sally looks forward to working with the experienced members to preserve and enrich Vista Las Palmas.

Gustav Swanson - Vice Chairperson

Gustav has lived in Boston, San Francisco and presently resides in San Diego. He started visiting Palm Springs in the early 90's and was drawn to the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood for its’ avante garde architecture. In 2000, he bought his Vista Las Palmas property as a vacation home.

While living in San Francisco, Gustav served on the board of his Park Hill Condominium, formerly St. Joseph's Hospital, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is perhaps best known for its cameo in Hitchcock's Vertigo (The sanatorium Scottie (James Stewart) was admitted after his nervous breakdown). Gustav shared his neighbors' passion for the site's preservation.

Recently Gustav has been serving on the Board of his San Diego neighborhood MAD (Maintenance Assessment District). His historic mid-city neighborhood has undertaken capital projects including the restoration of its historic street lights and wrought iron gates, as well a bike path and landscaped median strips.

Gustav's professional career in Finance has spanned the banking, software and education industries. He looks forward to bringing his Board experience and professional expertise to the betterment of our truly special neighborhood and in helping achieve our community objectives.

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