2018 Annual Meeting and Board Elections

On November 18, at the 2018 general meeting of Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization, all VLP households in attendance will need to elect 4 new board members. Jim Malaspina and Penny Hirschman resigned before completion of their terms. Jade Nelson and Mike Ziskind, each having sold their homes, are relocating to a different neighborhood and will be resigning this month. Robin Abrahams (acting treasurer), Amy Brinkman and Howard Hawkes (members at-large), have one year left in their current two-year term. All have enjoyed their time on the board.

Are you a VLP resident who wants to volunteer some time & energy to help our fantastic neighborhood and join the board? If so, please nominate yourself by contacting current VLPNO board president Jade Nelson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by end of day November 15th - in order to have your name placed on the ballot.

Should you know of another VLP resident who is interested and eligible to be on the board, please have them submit their nomination ASAP.

Please Note: All candidates for the ballot must be eligible according to current VLPNO bylaws – in other words: one cannot have served on the board within the last two years unless already serving part of a current term. 

If there are more nominees than open positions, we will have appropriate balloting. Each eligible candidate will have one minute to explain why they wish to be on the board. Thank you for taking the time to be a vested member of your neighborhood.

We hope you’ll attend this annual meeting/60th anniversary celebration and look forward to seeing you @

O’Donnell Golf Club on Sun., Nov. 18, 3-5pm

Please kindly RSVP asap to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you. Vista Las Palmas values your participation!


2:45-3:15pm:  Arrivals/Check-In/Cash Bar

3:15-4:00pm: General Meeting and Election

4:00-4:30pm: Buffet by Jake’s Catering/Mix and Mingle

4:30-5:00pm: 60th Anniversary Cake and Election Results


Dear Vista Las Palmas Neighbor,

While we try to keep our communications to a minimum, our board wants to let you know that thieves are hard at work in our neighborhood and that we have had a rash of robberies recently. Please remember to be vigilant. If you see unusual activity either by suspicious people on bikes (yes, they work the neighborhoods) or drivers who appear to be circling, call it in to the police.

Below are two very clear videos of a burglary in our neighborhood. Early morning, and the perp snatches packages and leaves in a small white car.

If you recognize this individual, let us know and call the police. The burglary was reported to the police. There have been others as well. Together, those of us who are here after the winter season need to be more vigilant. Don’t leave packages outside. Close your garages and lock your gates.

Mike Ziskind, Vice Chairman
Vista Las Palmas Board of Advisors
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
760 399 0976


VLP Robbery Video 1

VLP Robbery Video 2


Short Term/Vacation Rental Issues

About one in five VLP homes are used as short-term/vacation rentals.  On Rose Avenue alone, 18 homes are so registered. Should you have an issue or concern with a VLP home that appears to be a short-term rental, please call the Vacation Rental 24hr Hotline number at 760-322-8383.

For additional info: www.PSVacationRentalCompliance.com

Blade Signs

Vista Las Palmas, for city planning purposes is shaped like the letter “L”.  Up til now, the short side of the “L” - the area near Stevens Road north of Old Las Palmas and west of The Arrive hotel - has never had VLP blade signs. Seeing a need for greater neighborhood identity and inclusiveness, the board voted to remedy the shortcoming by appropriating money to acquire and install five new signs. Thanks to board member Robin Abrahams, who spearheaded the effort, the new blade signs will be installed at new locations throughout the neighborhood.

10K/5K/Santa Walk-Run/Bike Tours

We’re all aware that our neighborhood is an obvious first choice for events involving walks and runs due to the perfectly-located, quiet, safe and welcoming location.  Where we’ve run into issues is with the quantity of these city-sponsored events which can create safety hazards for both participants and our own residents pulling in and out of driveways, or street closures requiring detours.

In March, board members Robin Abrahams and Mike Ziskind met with the city’s event coordinator to share concerns and request more information on how many events are planned for next season. We suggested that any events include enough volunteers to keep participants safe and asked that any directional markings which are sprayed onto the street be removed upon an event’s conclusion.  

The City plans to communicate with us ahead of time about upcoming events. Watch our website for announcements.